20 amazing things you never learned at school

We get taught a lot of things at school, but sometimes it would have helped if our teachers had found a way to demonstrate something to us visually. We’re not talking about some kind of abstract diagram here — what both children and adults need is a real-life example to make sense of an idea.

That’s why we picked out a selection of 20 GIFs and images which we think can help brilliantly to fill in gaps in your understanding of the world. If only we’d seen some of these when we were kids!

What your hands look like after you’ve washed them:

What happens when you put a key in a lock:

What happens when you put on sun cream:

How dogs drink water:

The size of the Earth in comparison to the largest known star in the universe, the hypergiant Canis Major:

How braces affect your teeth:

You can do this with your own computer:

What the contents of an egg looks like underwater:

How water refracts light:

What happens when you swallow:

The number of flights which take place in 24 hours:

How a person’s face is formed inside the womb:

The flowering of a dandelion:

Proof of Pythagoras’ theorem (a² + b² = c²):

What happens when a star is drawn into a black hole:

How beans grow:

How a helmet is covered in camouflage:

How a trumpet produces music:

How a cheetah uses its tail to reduce its inertia:

How a ladybird takes flight:

9 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong

Our routines are usually pretty dull, aren’t they? We perform so many small actions every day that we almost never ask ourselves if there’s a right or wrong way to do them. We at Bright Side think it would be a great idea to pay more attention to these things to make small but positive changes in your life.

1. Using too much soap in the shower

Our skin becomes drier as we age, and soap, being an astringent, only makes it worse. Try to use the minimum amount of soap and only on necessary areas such as skin folds. The soapy water running down your body is more than enough to stay clean.

2. Working without planning your rest breaks

We all have our most productive work time. During those hours it seems easier to concentrate, to feel alert and inspired, and, as a consequence, achieve great results. The problem is that we don’t try to find our productive hours, and we don’t take advantage of them.

If you feel motivated and focused from 11 to 1, don’t take a break at 12. Plan your rest breaks so they don’t kill your productivity.

 3. Answering your boss’s WhatsApp messages

It’s important to set boundaries between work and private life. Psychologists say we should never discuss work problems or bring professional relationships into instant messaging apps like WhatsApp because we consider them as something personal.

Plus, if you use WhatsApp in your relationships with your superiors at work, they can see if you’ve received and read their last message but chose to ignore them.

4. Adding oil to the pasta water

Adding oil to your pasta cooking water will prevent the sauce from sticking to the pasta. To cook the perfect pasta and prevent it from sticking together, you just have to use the right amount of water: 1 liter per 100 grams of dry pasta and 1.5 liters for 100 grams of fresh pasta.

5. Drying your hands using paper towels

Have you ever wondered how much paper we use to dry our hands in public toilets? Millions of pounds. There is a simple thing we all can do if we care about our planet: just shake your hands thoroughly before drying them with paper towels. It may be obvious, but it does help save the world.

6. Breathing with your chest

Concentrate on breathing using the diaphragm, not the chest. Proper oxygenation has positive effects on your nervous system, helps lower blood pressure, reduces inflammation and pain, improves overall physical health, and keeps stress away.

If you learn to breathe correctly, it’ll also help you manage your emotions.

7. Brushing your teeth with only horizontal brush movements

Brushing your teeth with horizontal movements only and forgetting to floss are probably the most common but most serious mistakes. Proper brushing of the teeth involves short vertical movements, always performed from the gums to the edge of the tooth. It doesn’t mean though that brushing teeth horizontally is not necessary at all.

And one more thing: proper brushing should take 2-3 minutes, but unfortunately the vast majority of us ignore this simple rule.

8. Starting to exercise without preparation

Remember: exercising too hard and skipping warm-ups and short breaks can be harmful to your body.

It’s important to include warm-up and flexibility exercises in your workout and to gradually increase its intensity. And if you want to avoid injuries, don’t forget those stretching exercises at the end of your workout.

9. Leaving a bag of chips open

Some people use clips to seal those half-eaten bags of chips, while others just leave them folded in half, hoping that the bag won’t open. But here’s another way to deal with those bags.

This smart method was inspired by origami, a Japanese art and technique of folding paper to create different objects.

17 Things No Man Can Resist

A woman’s sexiness can be elusive but extremely simple. It’s inherent in us from the moment we’re born, but some women aren’t sure how to use it.

We at Bright Side remembered some tricks that any woman can easily benefit from and that men simply cannot resist.

When a woman slightly bites her lip

Children show a similar gesture when they’re excited or afraid: they bite their lip, and that makes their whole image more touching. A man will feel affectionate toward you, and at the same time your lips will attract his attention.

Smooth skin

There’s nothing sexier than a woman with smooth skin. It was not without reason that women started to remove body hair in the times of ancient civilizations, like the Romans and Egyptians.

A strict hairstyle

First of all, such a hairstyle makes your whole image more businesslike and, at the same time, hot. It also shows your neck and ears, which are normally covered by your hair.

An unusual look

When a man sees a stand-out woman, he feels a desire to get to know her better. Creative people attract everyone, don’t they? Tattoos or blue hair can be a wonderful reason to begin a conversation.

When a woman wears a man’s shirt

Wearing his clothes, she somehow says, “I want your shirt close to my body.” The man understands that she means not only his shirt, but also him.

An over-the-shoulder glance

A mysterious look over the shoulder has its own special magic. It is for a good reason that advertising posters from the past century present beauties looking at us exactly this way.


When a woman who knows she’s gorgeous enters the room, she immediately draws the eye of all the men present. But it’s important to not let self-assurance become overconfidence, because there’s nothing more repulsive.

Bare shoulder styles

The fact is that rounded, sloped shoulders raise in men the desire to embrace and protect. And a style that bares the shoulders adds delicacy and sexiness to a woman’s look.

A beautiful walk in heels

Some women dislike heels, and some cannot imagine a day without them. But if a woman decides to wear high heels, she must be sure her gait will be smooth and beautiful. Otherwise, their magic will be totally ruined.

A sexy voice

Men are charmed by a high breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe’s. Her contemporaries told it affected men just like Viagra.

Full lips

Mildly full, bright lips are one of the most well-known signs of a woman’s attractiveness. Just remember that it’s better not to purse your lips on purpose — most likely, this gesture will spoil your appearance.


Elegance brings a perfect balance: it doesn’t display a woman’s sexiness, but it doesn’t hide it either. Elegance is about the whole image of a woman, from the way she behaves to her choice of accessories.

Sport leggings

Leggings attract attention to a woman’s silhouette. They do look more natural in a gym or out on a run, not in the store. This is an additional reason for ladies to do their workouts.


They look very feminine, cause associations with childhood, and suit lots of women. But unfortunately girls are often trying to get rid of them, considering freckles a drawback.

Natural makeup

The stronger part of humanity likes natural beauty, not multiple layers of foundations and blushes. They say they’re happy to see us without any makeup, and even if we know we’re wearing a thin layer of BB-cream on our faces and our eyelashes are covered with mascara, we’ll keep it a secret.


Glasses give our image some strictness and inapproachability that attracts men like a magnet. Besides, you can flirtatiously play with this accessory in your hands. And this glance over the glasses…

Sincere laughter and smiles

Many girls fear that a wide smile can spoil their image. In reality, it isn’t so: all men adore women expressing their emotions freely and openly.


Why I (And So Many Other Moms) Suffer From Dinnerphobia


The time is usually around 4:45 in the afternoon, in cities and towns all across the country, when, almost like clockwork, there’s a universal shift in consciousness that happens in the psyche of mothers in kitchens everywhere.

It usually starts sometime after our kids get home from school, as the afternoon starts to wane, and the high from their granola bar and string cheese has worn off.

It’s then that we become acutely aware of the position of the sun in the sky, and start obsessing about the inevitability that is dinnertime.

This is when things get dicey and moms everywhere start feeling the telltale symptoms of the daily phobia that grips most of us every weekday afternoon. That nagging sensation that the day isn’t quite over yet, that there’s still something big and involved and time-consuming looming out there that we ultimately have to pull together. The feeling that prompts light sweating, or a slight tension headache behind their eyes or a combination of lightheadedness and nausea that makes us just want to crawl under our comforter, knees up in the fetal position and disappear.

Refrigerator full of food close up


Yes, I’m talking about dinnerphobia.

It’s when our pulse gets quick and our breath gets shallow and our upper lip starts to bead with sweat. All because we know that mouths need to be fed and yet another dinner needs to be prepared and we’re on deck.



You know, dinner, that unavoidable time of the day when everyone descends on the kitchen, utensils in hand, their gastrocolic reflex fully stimulated, ready for food. And as the mom (or maybe the dad), it’s our responsibility to satisfy them. We’ve got to be ready. Because it’s our obligation, as parents, to come up with unique and appealing and delicious and, when possible, supremely colorful meals that everyone will enjoy. And for the average parent, that responsibility can feel like an extra fifty pounds of stress strapped to our backs unless we’re Giada De Laurentiis with a fully-stocked fake kitchen and a camera crew.


Now, even though there are plenty of different ways to pull off dinner—eating out or ordering take-out or heating leftovers or cooking an actual meal with actual ingredients—there are still some logistics involved in making it happen, regardless of how we get it done.

We’ve still got to decide on a restaurant and get there or choose which menu to order from or heat up the meatloaf or shop and prep and cook the meal or open the cereal box and pour the milk.

And day after day after week after month after year, that pressure to orchestrate dinner builds into an ugly bundle of stress that moms have to relive every single day.


OK, granted, some of us feel more stress about cooking than others. Like the parents with historically picky eaters or moms who despise cooking in general or parents who work full time and just don’t have the extra bandwidth to plan and shop and cook, for those guys, it’s tough. Really tough. So it’s understandable why dinnertime can be stressful.

For others, who don’t have those issues but maybe just aren’t fans of cooking, dinner may not be quite as intimidating, but it’s still something that needs to be considered every single day. So it’s just another thing on an already crazy-long to-do list.


And for an even smaller minority, like myself, who actually do enjoy the art of cooking and love discovering and experimenting with recipes, it still represents a chunk of time that we have to account for as we plan our day. And even that can be a buzzkill sometimes when you just feel like sliding onto the couch and watching a Cops marathon with a bag of popcorn. Alone.

So, even though there are varying degrees of dinnerphobia, we all have our moments when we just can’t stomach the thought of another dinner to prepare.

But the reality is, we’ve all gotta eat. And as parents, we’ve gotta suck it up and do the best we can, as often as we can, to plan ahead and be prepared and get the job done. And when we can’t, we have to cut ourselves some slack and not get too wrapped around the axel when the best we can do for dinner is a PB&J or a couple of sunny side-up eggs or a bowl of oatmeal.


Dinnerphobia is real, people. And it lives in the minds and kitchens of moms everywhere. Every day. And the only way to manage it is to remember that our fear of making dinner can’t hurt us, only starvation can.

So, get it done. Whatever way you can. And remember that there are plenty of meal replacement bars on the market that have 20+ grams of protein in them. And no one’s judging.